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EEPIC Management introduces us as one of the leading Manpower Placement Consultants in Lucknow and Recruitment Placement Agency in Lucknow, Placement Consultancy in Lucknow – Recruitment Agency in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh and we offer services like recruitment services, temporary staffing, payroll and human resource solutions in Lucknow and other location in Uttar Pradesh. We provide a host of services like Human Resource Consulting in U.P., Placement services in Uttar Pradesh, Head hunting services, Manpower Recruitment Services in Lucknow- Uttar Pradesh.

We believe in understanding the need and finding the best suited profile. Delivering quality resources and building long term successful relationship have always been our priority. Our consultants desk is well equipped to handle executive search and permanent staffing by using latest digital recruitment platforms and high caliber experienced personnel.

We have specialization in:

Recruitment Consultancy in Lucknow- Uttar Pradesh – Job Placement Agency in Lucknow

EEPIC Management focuses on establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by addressing their requirements and maximizing their satisfaction. Committed and skilled individuals are prerequisites to the success of any organization. Not only that, an employee also needs to believe in the culture and work ethic of the company to deliver to his or her maximum potential. EEPIC Management, a leading placement agency in Lucknow, makes sure that your next hire is an ideal fit for your organization

It makes business sense to leave the core competency to the professionals. So while you focus on your core business, the HR professionals of this reputed Job Consultancy in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh will source and identify suitable personnel for your industry.  Contrary to popular belief hiring a Placement Consultants in Uttar Pradesh is not an additional expense.  It is a professional and time-saving move in the right direction. Time equates with money in the long term, time saved in the process of recruitment, translates into productive activity at the workplace.  Productivity converts into a rising sales graph which means enhanced revenue. One simple step of hiring a professional recruiter can alter the sales profile of an organization. .

Manpower Consultancy services in Lucknow, Staff Recruitment Agency in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

We provide tailored Recruitment services in pan India. EEPIC Management has massive experience in manpower placement agency in Lucknow- Uttar Pradesh-India or providing quality staffs like:

Administrator, Front office, Back Office, Accounts, HR, Tele-Calling, Business Development/Marketing, IT (Software, Hardware/Networking) and etc. in different-different industries like: Corporate Industry, IT Industry, BPO Industry, Manufacturing industry, Fashion/Garments Industry, Banking and Financial Industry, Trading Industry, Retail, Printing, FMCG Industry, Automobile, Hospitality Industry, Healthcare Industry and many more.

Recruitment Agencies and Job Consultancy in Lucknow

Talent is a top priority for all startup founders and executives. EEPIC Management offers a new way to completely optimize your entire recruiting process. Find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions. EEPIC Management sources the best of breed talent for permanent roles and temporary assignments including contract roles. For more information on how EEPIC Management can help you with its tailor-made recruitment strategy to fit your requirements, please make a contact with us.

EEPIC Management

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